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Renting a limo for Prom?


prom limousine service tips

Your prom is a very special night, and of course you want everything to run as slick as possible. When you decide that you want to rent a limo there are a few things that you will have to do, prior to calling and reserving your limousine. Although your parents will probably offer to make the arrangements of renting a limo for you, this would be a good experiance for you to learn how to be responsible and handle business.

It is a good idea to get a group of friends to share the limo with. This way you can all split the cost, and no one has to worry about transportation. Once you get your group of friends together you will then want to sit down, along with your parents, and decide which limo you want to rent for the occasion. There are many to choose from and you should take a group vote, and the majority will decide. Limousine companies will offer various prom packages that will help make the limo a lot more affordable for everyone


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How to choose a limo company for porm

When you begin searching for which limo company you want to use, you will want to make a list of questions to ask. First you will need to decide as a group how much you are willing to spend, and then stick with the budget. Also decide who's home will be the pick up location for the limo. It would be easier and cheaper to decide on one house instead of having the limo drive to each person's house, they will usually charge you more money for this anyway. The limo company will also try to throw in additional items that you do not really need, so make sure you are prepared.


Prior to calling sit down with your friends and search Limo Deals for companies in your area that are offering discounts on prom limousine service. Since you should have already decided on what type of limo you want than your first question should be if they have that particular limo available on the date that you want. Do not let them try to get you to change your mind. You want to make sure you stick with what everyone agreed on. Next ask them exactly what the minimum rental time is. Some companies will charge you an additional fee if you go over this time frame.  

Here is a list of questions that you should ask prior to making your decision on what company to go with: 

1. What is the companies cancellation policy?
2. Do they offer any special prom packages? If so what do they include?
3. What are the companies policies for deposits?
4. Are the vehicles and drivers insured and licensed? 
5, Do they offer any exclusive Limo Deals Discounts?

MOST IMPORTANT See The Company's Limos First

Check out the limo you plan on renting for prom. Some companies use older limos for proms. Because teens tend to cause problems. Limo companies send older limos so this is not an issue. Don't be surprised on your big prom day when a 1995 Suburban limo shows up at  your home when you were expecting a year 2006-2007 Hummer prom limo!  Many of our advertisers have pictures of their fleet posted in our online limo directory with their company listings.

Be sure to include any additional questions that your parents may want to include. Once you get all of your questions answered you will want to check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to make sure that it is a reliable company. They will list any problems that the company has had. Make sure you show any information that you find to the rest of the group prior to choosing a company. This may seem like a lot of work just to rent limo, but it really is worth the effort if you want to make sure that you enjoy your night. 

What limo reservation??

Don't be the client that hears the "We don't have your reservation" story. Protect yourself by getting a signed contract from the limo company. Shopping on price alone is a risk when you deal with a "Bad Seed" limo company. Some "Bad Seed" operators do not hesitate to drop a reservation for a better paying fare.

There are so many people who have had their proms ruined just because they did not ask certain questions and did not thoroughly check out the company. Whatever you decide make sure that you go over everything with your parents. Also when it is time to go pay the deposit and sign the contract make sure your parents, or one of the other parents comes along with you. If you go alone or with a friend they may try to trick you into signing for something you do not really want. advertisers are rated and reviewed by past customers.  This gives you a level of confidence unmatched by any independent limo company or website. companies pay extra special attention to clients because they know they can be publically reviewed after the reservation is completed.


Limousine Insurance And Permits

Limo companies required to carry commercial livery insurance and proper permits for each limo in their fleet. Many online directories like the Yellow Pages, Phonebooks, and advertising companies like us do not require the same in order to advertise. To protect yourself be sure to ask for proof of insurance and permits with your signed contract.



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